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 "The Alexander Technique is not just a therapy, but an education for the mind and body to learn to move in a new effortless way. Unconsciously acquired poor habits are replaced by consciously acquired good habits, leading to an improvement of general functioning and a greater sense of well-being, thereby relieving pain and stress throughout the body"


Clinical Trials proving that the Alexander Technique could be effective in dealing with chronic and non-specific Back Pain.
The results of the latest clinical research on the Alexander Technique was printed in August 19 2008 in the British Medical Journal.  Visit the BMJ web site for full details of the findings of the research. The purpose of the trials was to compare 3 different approaches to treatment of back pain: one-to-one Alexander Technique lessons, GP prescribed exercise and massage.

The trial results showed clearly that 24 one-to-one lessons in the Alexander Technique provided the greatest benefit from the other methods used by reducing days in pain and improving function and quality of life.   

After 24 lessons the number of days in pain was only 3 per month compared with 21 in the control group, 1 year after the trial commenced.

If you are a member of a company/organisation and wish to help your employees by reducing absenteeism through back pain we would be delighted to offer an introductory talk/demonstration. 

The Alexander Technique helps millions worldwide to naturally overcome: poor posture, back pain, muscle tension and joint pain, breathing and vocal problems, anxiety and stress-related condiitions.

Good posture
Others sometimes just wish to learn a freer effortless way of sitting, standing and walking and improve their posture. Good postural habits can easily be acquired in childhood creating a good foundation and a strong healthy framework for physical, emotional and psychological growth. The Alexander Technique is used widely in the performing arts and sports, where poise and balance are essential for the professional and amateur alike.

How does it work?
It is easy for an experienced Alexander Technique teacher to show you with gentle manipulation and verbal guidance how not to interfere with the body’s reflex and support mechanisms and balance so that you can move in a way that does not adversely affect the co-ordination of your head, neck and back.


The Lessons

Alexander Technique, South East London
Alexander Technique, South East London
Good postural use

What Happens in a Lesson?
At the beginning of a lesson you will enjoy relaxing on a treatment couch as the AT Teacher gently manipulates and releases undue tension throughout your body. You will be taught how to perform simple movements without tension like sitting, standing, bending, lying down, without pain or effort. When you have learned to do these simple movements well you can apply this Technique to a wide range of activities, e.g. using a VDU, exercise, sport, playing a musical instrument, or just washing-up.

How Many Lessons Do I Need?
Begin with one and see how you like it. You will however need at least 6 to see and feel visible signs of improvement. STAT recommend around 24 lessons.

Private Lessons £40 (30-40 mins).

We practice in South East London, including Blackheath, Shooters Hill, Greenwich, Lee, Plumstead and Charlton. Call us for details:

Linda 020 8858 1991 or Brenda 020 8858 5969



Football striker benefits from our expertise ...

"The Alexander Technique has given me a greater awareness of the way my body moves and the way tensions move through my body.

I have learned to release these tensions and to move more efficiently.

It has helped me to play football with more confidence and has improved my coordination and balance".

Andy Hunt - Striker
for Charlton Athletic Football Club, London

"Having had back problems over the years on and off and spent a lot of money on physical therapies, I came across the Blackheath Alexander Technique Centre, and now my back problems are completely sorted.   It has saved me a huge amount of money and I feel great."   

Nikki Redmond, Actor

"With the Alexander Technique you are taught how to use your body correctly so it makes the violin hold much easier.  Violin teachers tend to isolate each part; wrist, fingers and upper arms.  But it is easier and simpler to understand what is going on if you bring your back into your playing. If you know it all initiates from the back – you don’t have to worry from thereon."

Julia Clegg - Violinist


STAT Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

AMSAT American Alexander Technique Organisation

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