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About us

As a partnership we are available 7 days a week which enables us to provide a flexible service. A low cost affordable service is provided for those unable to pay our normal fees. We offer 60 minute sessions.

We are located in Blackheath and provide a confidential, comfortable setting for our clients.

Who are our clients

As experienced counsellors/psychotherapists we work with: one-to-one, couple counselling and we also offer one-to-one supervision.

Our approach to counselling

Holistic and Integrative - we work to heal the whole person, body, mind and spirit. We offer a flexible response to suit each client. Working at the client's pace we respect, contain and support their process. Our therapeutic aim above all is to help you live out who you truly are.

The areas of therapy we work in

Depression - Bereavement - Stress - Anxiety – Work related problems – Preparation for Retirement - Family Issues -Relationship problems - Couple Counselling - Addiction - Low Self-esteem - Self-harm - Phobias - Psychophysical disorders – Coping with transitional stages from birth to death.

Exploring past patterns - our childhood conditioning:
Repeating past patterns can often result in negative behavioural patterns. These patterns which are often unconscious can manifest in our everyday relationships causing conflict, isolation and separation. These psychological patterns or complexes form knots in our psyche. These knots can be unravelled and released through psychoanalysis and dream work to allow our creative energy to flow.

If negative patterns or complexes are not explored they will remain locked in the unconscious and can express themselves in neurosis or physical symptoms.

Therapies offered

Transpersonal Psychology: Jungian dream work - Psychoanalysis
We are experienced in working with the language of dreams to help the client gain access to a deeper relationship to their real Self. Working transpersonally and with psychoanalysis we explore complex, sensitive issues on physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Recovering and prizing the neglected aspects of ourselves buried in the unconscious, can be a rich and rewarding experience in our journey towards wholeness.

Humanistic: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Mindfulness
If the client is uncomfortable with exploring their past we offer CBT as a model of working with their current issues. We can work empathically when a client is ready and wishes to explore the origin of their presenting problem.

Working with empathy and reflection the counsellor accompanies the client on their personal journey.  At the client’s pace we clarify and attempt to resolve together the problems that arise.  The client is supported throughout the counselling process but encouraged to sit in the driving seat.

Working with the client to resolve and complete unfinished cycles that continue to reoccur in the present can be explored experientially between the counsellor and client.  Unfinished business prevents growth and change.

Alexander Technique (body therapy)

As Alexander Technique Teachers we integrate relaxation techniques from the Alexander Technique as our own unique contribution to stress management.

Training, qualifications & experience

Linda Henderson and Brenda McAuliffe are both experienced, Qualified and Accredited Members of the BACP and members of the BACPSL. Members of the Association for Pastoral and Spiritual Care and Counselling. Members of the Society of Teachers for the Alexander Technique. Trained as integrative counsellors/psychotherapists we work sensitively with a variety of models to suit our clients. Our training spans over a period of 20 years.

Both Brenda and Linda have had counselling experience in the NHS as well as many years in private practise.

Qualified in Humanistic therapy - Person-Centred - Cognitive Behavioural - Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy - Gestalt - Transpersonal.

Training courses

Spiritual Care at RIGPA (Buddhist Foundation) - Bereavement Counselling (Eleanor Foundation) - Drug & Alcohol Abuse - Sex Abuse (Family Matters) - Couple Counselling - Stress Management (Alexander Technique) - Jungian Dreamwork (Jungian Dream Group) Yoga and Meditation (Yoga and Meditation Teachers).


Individual Counselling£50 per 1 hr session
Couple Counselling£60 per 1 hr session
Supervision£50 per 1 hr session

Concessions available for students, low income and unemployed. Please do not hesitate to let us know your position. We require 48 hours notice for a cancellation otherwise the full fee is charged..


Linda Henderson T: 020 8858 1991
Brenda McAuliffe T: 020 8858 5969